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Why should I go vegan?

If you think hurting animals is wrong, you already believe in going vegan.


Do Animals Matter?

If you have a companion animal (pet) or have had regular contact with an animal, you will know that particular animal feels, has a personality, is a living being and not a thing. You will know that animal can be happy, sad, excited, anxious, annoyed, cold or hungry. You will know that animals feel and love, just like us.


You would never do anything to hurt them. You would never pay anyone to hurt them for you. 

Of course you think your companion animal is special. They are. All animals are special. All animals feel and love. All animals are just like us in fundamental ways.


What about the animals we use? Pictures are a poor replacement for real life interaction with a non-human animal, but still, take a look at these animals, look into their eyes and ask yourself if they are things, or persons.


Feeling beings, or unfeeling objects?

They all have eyes. They are all beings.

They all feel. They all want to live. 


If you have never had a companion animal or regular contact with an animal you may not have had the opportnity to see this first hand. Or, you may have lost your connection with animals since becoming an adult.

Although film fails to demonstrate real life interaction with animals, you can see that these videos show animals enjoying their lives. Interacting, playing and loving...


If you can, visit an animal sanctuary for yourself, meet some of the animals rescued from the food industry, you will soon realise that they are living, feeling beings and not things to be used and abused.


This is self-evident when you think about it. Yet billions of animals are exploited, hurt and killed every year because humans use them for food, clothing, entertainment and other purposes - all of them totally unnecessary. Here's the reality of what they go through...




the following links will take you to external film clips, many of which contain graphic footage.

The footage is real, it shows what animals actually go through every day. If you are not vegan and you are not ready to go vegan, you should watch this footage to educate yourself about what you are paying for when you buy animal products 

Graphic clips

They are all used as objects. They are all exploited. They are all hurt. Most of them are killed. All of this violence is totally unnecessary. All of it is caused by our demand.


If you think animals matter at all, you should be vegan.

Stop the demand. End the violence!


Feature length films
Feature Length Films & Talks

Full length documentaries examining our exploitation of animals include: 

available on Netflix

available free on You Tube

available on Netflix

If you need further inspiration, watch the following talks: 

by Prof. Gary L. Francione

by Philip Wollen

by Bite Sized Vegan

"We cannot find peace among men whose hearts find delight in killing any living creature."

Rachel Carson

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