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Struggling to Get Vegan Provision in School, Hospital, at Work?

Are you struggling to obtain food suitable for vegans in hospital, in school, at work events?

Is your employer refusing to consider providing you with a non-animal alternative to work clothing?

Are you required to purchase cow's milk as part of a milk run at work?

We have the right to live in recognition of the rights of other animals. We have the right to live vegan. It's not an absolute right, but it applies to many situations.

Get to know your rights so that you can educate, inform and encourage change. This talk summarises our rights and gives some examples:

I recently self-published a book on this subject along with Jeanette Rowley, which includes sample letters people can use to write to schools, hospitals, employers etc referring to the specific rights that apply in those situations.

We're trying to recover our print costs and get in some money to develop the book (we are not taking any money ourselves), so have asked for £10 for the hard copy, £5 for the ebook, but if anyone can't afford this we can send the e-book for free, just email us at

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