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Scotland's Vegan Animal Sanctuaries, Our Rescued Animals

Our vegan animal sanctuaries are headed for a tough winter. The heatwave scorched a lot of our land, meaning we didn’t get the grass / hay growth we usually do. This means food for our animals will be scarce and more expensive.

Many of our vegan sanctuaries rely on donations. If you’re able to help by giving regular support that will be a huge help to them, as they will be able to rely on that amount coming in regularly which will help them to plan. If not, you may be able to make one-off donations / purchases from their Amazon wish lists. Or, you may have skills you can use in fundraising for them.

Our vegan animal sanctuaries are (lifting information from their own Facebook pages and listing the options for supporting them):


"We are a rescue animal sanctuary based in the Clyde Valley, Central Scotland. We are part of the Tribe Tattoo family.

Tribe Animal Sanctuary Scotland (TASS) is home to rescued Highland coos, pigs, sheep, donkeys, hens, turkeys, goats, dogs and cats. Most of our resident animals were originally destined for someone's dinner plate, but now they are safe and can live out their natural life with the dignity, respect and love they deserve.


Our mission is to highlight the cruel social construct that views some animals as 'food animals', -which makes it acceptable to treat them with contempt, cruelty and a complete absence of compassion- and 'pets', who are showered with love and affection and given the best of medical and other care.We treat all our animals as 'pets', and hope that people can see how fun, intelligent and individual each of our residents is.

Our work on social media concentrates on showing the animals in their environment, the hope is that if people get to know them, they will think twice about eating them. From the cute chirruping noises the turkeys make to the pigs enjoying a belly rub, from hens strutting around full of business to the coos enjoying a slice of toast, we want people to enjoy watching the animals as much as we do, to share the videos and to talk about them to meat eating friends and family, and who knows, maybe we can help someone on their journey to veganism.

We do have ‘meet and greet’ Sundays (1-3pm), where we have people over and we walk around spoiling the animals with treats and attention. If you’d like to join us, contact us through the Facebook page and let us know which Sunday you are interested in, and we can check availability. We do not charge for the meet and greet Sundays, but donations are always welcome.”


Direct Debits to: Sort Code: 82-61-25 Account: 10526323




“At The Karass Sanctuary for Farmed Animals near Kirkcudbright in Dumfries and Galloway we provide a safe haven for farmed animals used in the human food system, most of whom would otherwise have died in slaughter houses. We care for 69 residents, including pigs, sheep, hens, cockerels in our bachelor flock, turkeys and



We believe that every one matters, that their reality is as real as ours, that their lives mean as much to them as ours do to us and that they are their own best advocates. People can come to visit the residents and get to know them individually and, with this knowledge about who they are, be able to make informed decisions about what relationship they want to have with the animals humans farm for food.

We welcome visitors and operate an open-door policy. Please call us on 01557 830170 to arrange your visit.”






“Willows is the largest equine, farm and domestic animal sanctuary in Scotland where we care for over 450 animals and birds. We also offer animal - assisted therapy to vulnerable people.”

Willows have confirmed that animals are not used in any way in relation to the therapy they offer, it involves people helping with the assistance provided to the rescued animals, cleaning out, feeding and for those animals who enjoy it, grooming.




THE NEW ARC - North East Wildlife and Animal Rescue Centre

"Sanctuary for domestic animals in our care and a rehabilitation service for wildlife prior to release. Scottish Registered Charity, based just outside Aberdeen. Every creature on this earth deserves a fair chance - we never put a healthy animal to sleep. We are not open to the public. Any animals needing a home will be posted on our page."







"At our Hospice near Kirkcudbright in Dumfries and Galloway we give loving and comforting end-of-life care and friendship to abandoned terminally-ill companion animals and rescued farmed animals so that they don't have to take their final steps alone."


Please contact the sanctuaries directly for more information.

We haven’t included the Scottish Animal Behaviour and Rescue Centre (SABRC) @ScottishSABRC for now, the first vegan animal sanctuary in Scotland, as they are going through some changes at the moment. We’ll add them in once their pages are active again.

If you visit a sanctuary please think about making a donation at the time (most don’t have visiting fees, but most also dedicate a lot of time to showing people around and educating people about the rescued animals and the need for us all to be vegan).

Personally, I used to have direct debits set up to various large so called “animal organisations”. I realised (thanks to long-standing vegan advocates such as Gary L Francione, Anna Charlton, Bob Lindon and others) that none of the big organisations promotes veganism consistently and that they use single issue and welfare campaigns to draw in funds for their often huge budgets (which they then often spend on single issue / welfarist / misogynistic campaigns aiming to secure more funds). These organisations have taken on a life of their own, as they have to bring in enough funds year on year to cover their massive overheads and salaries. I eventually got it, cancelled all of my direct debits to big organisations and since then have put my money into grassroots, local vegan advocacy and vegan animal sanctuaries.

Thanks for reading 😊

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