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GVS Outpost in Stirling!

We're raising money to buy a Go Vegan Scotland stall kit for a regular vegan information stall in Stirling, so that local Stirling vegans can have a monthly stall.

We've been working closely with vegans based in Stirling for a number of months now. A couple of local vegans were very keen to set up a regular GVS vegan information stall there, so we worked with them to help them get experience on stalls and support in developing their advocacy.

Since November 2017 we've done three vegan information stalls in Stirling with local vegans, bringing our kit to them in the van. The people who will take the lead on the Stirling stalls have also volunteered on a number of our Glasgow and Edinburgh stalls to get experience and they've attended our vegan advocacy workshop.

They're now at the point where they're ready to have their own kit so that they can hold regular vegan information stalls. We're helping them to raise the funds to pay for that kit.

The kit essentials that cost money are:

Gazebo - £73 Gazebo leg weights - £22 4 x "Vegan Information" banners - £96 (from Vegan Print using vegan ink) Banner bungee ties - £12 for two packs Table cloth - £16 Table cloth weights - £4 for four sets Trolley suitcase to get kit to street - £23 Information card holder - £4 A5 Leaflet holder - £5 Information Cards - £20 (bulk ordered - £20 gets 1000) Leaflets - £20 (bulk ordered - £20 gets 1000)

Total - £295

(We have an extra table so no table required for this stall kit; also not included are plates and knife, hand gel and laminated signage which will be provided by volunteers)

Thank you in advance for any support you are able to give to the team in Stirling. We would like to see Go Vegan Scotland vegan information stalls all across Scotland, and your support will help us to do that.

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