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RSPCA Approved Cow's Milk

The RSPCA promoting the consumption of cow's milk (mammary secretions from female cows) is no surprise. The RSPCA has long promoted the purchase of animal flesh, stamping slices of the bodies of animals with their seal of approval to confirm what non-vegans want to hear, that there is a good way to do the wrong thing. Of course, there's not. There is no good way to slaughter an innocent being, who would do no harm to us and who wants to live. That is always, always, morally abhorrent and utterly heartbreaking.

That they have moved on to stamping their approval on other products of utter exploitation and killing is no surprise. As the dairy industry struggles to respond to the effects of the truth of what is involved in taking the milk of another species, they have of course collaborated with the RSPCA to try to assuage their customers and give them the news they are looking for, that there is a good way to exploit and kill. There isn't and that truth is out and awareness of it is growing. It's growing because vegans are sharing that information, and we won't stop.

If you're in any doubt that the RSPCA is promoting the killing of animals just watch this episode of Countryfile. Not something we would ordinarily do, given it's utterly speciesist perspective, but we were prompted to watch as they were apparently to discuss the ASA finding in favour of Go Vegan World's "Humane Dairy is a Myth" campaign. In fact, they barely touch on that and instead try to reframe the issue as one about the morality of shooting bobby calves; killing the baby cows at birth rather than keeping them alive for a few months, separated from their mothers, and then killing them. From their perspective the latter is the morally right thing to do. The possibility of not exploiting and killing them at all does not feature in their narrative.

It is utterly nauseating to hear the RSPCA encouraging people to eat animals, and specifically calves. You can watch and listen for yourselves, but the following is one quote (and keep in mind that our own SSPCA has exactly the same approach with its stamp of approval on the flesh of animals and will no doubt follow suit by stamping milk in the same way soon enough):

"Joe (RSPCA) said: “Veal is a word that conjures up negative images of baby calves kept alone in small barren crates, transported to the continent and slaughtered at a young age. But in the UK this is simply no longer the case." {we still use huts, these were seen in Scotland only a few months ago}

“We believe that if people knew more about veal calves and how they’re reared these days on British farms to higher welfare standards such as RSPCA Assured, they would be more inclined to buy British veal."

"Calves are after all a by-product of milk - and people who drink British milk and eat meat could consider buying higher welfare British veal.”

Literally, expressly, encouraging people to buy baby cow flesh by stamping it with their seal of approval. Referring to baby cows as a "by-product". Utterly despicable. The idea that this is the UK's leading "animal organisation" is a travesty.

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