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Launch of the GVS website

Our web site is now live! Please take a look and let us know what you think:

We want our web site to be a tool which will assist us (meaning you and us) in advocating for veganism in Scotland, so that when we have those conversations with people (whether at one of our stalls or in day to day life) we have a site to refer people to for more information. As you will see, the web site has a nice straightforward layout: the Home page explains what veganism is and what it means in terms of day to day living; the Why page asks the reader to consider how they view animals, and different species of animals, and directs them to external footage for insight into how we treat the animals we use (don't worry, there is no graphic footage on our page - all graphic footage is completely hidden behind a very clear warning and to view it you must click on the link bellow that warning - you are not going to accidentally see the horrors on our web site), discusses the additional reasons to go vegan (environment, world hunger and health), and the How page provides resources to help people to select non-animal products (food, clothing, cosmetic products etc), with lists of supermarket options, restaurants, recipes and examples of non-food vegan options.


We hope that when we direct people to our site they will walk their way through it, realising as they go that there is a moral imperative to be vegan, that we do not need to consume animals for our own health, and that being vegan is far easier than they ever imagined. Often when you have a conversation with a non-vegan about going vegan they will start to acknowledge that there is an ethical issue, but will put up a series of "buts", or reasons why they couldn't go vegan even although it might be the morally right thing to do. We have a page addressing some of these "buts" and will be adding to that as we go. On the Advocacy page we have information about our information stalls and the vegan billboard, and on the Support page you can find our merchandise, all of which is available for minimum donations with every penny going to support the campaigns. Finally, we have a blog, which will allow us to do short articles on specific topics. Please take a look at the page and let us know your thoughts, and above all please make use of this resource as a place to direct people for practical information on living vegan in Scotland as well as more information on why going vegan is the right thing to do.

Stop the demand. End the violence.

Together, ‪#‎letsturnscotlandvegan‬ ✌️

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