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200 x GVS leaflets.  We have created our own Vegan Information leaflets, which we use on our stalls and in all our advocacy. The leaflets explain veganism, why everyone should be vegan and how to go vegan. There are very few leaflets out there that do this; most are about single issues, promote welfarism, and/or direct people to web sites that do so. We think that sends a confusing message, so we created our own leaflets which refer to our purpose built web site.

We would love to make our leaflets available to anyone and everyone doing any form of advocacy work in Scotland. As we are a grassroots volunteer group with no funding, we have to ask you to cover the printing costs. These are minimal as we bulk order, but we also spend a little more to ensure our leaflets are printed using vegan ink and on recycled paper. We think this is important. 

The "price" is the actual cost for the print, there is no donation element on these leaflets as we want to help people in their vegan advocacy. 

All our online orders are sent out by volunteers and we will get your order posted out to you as soon as possible.

GVS Advocacy Leaflets (x 200)

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