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Environmental Benefits of Going Vegan

It has become increasingly clear that we must switch to a plant-based diet if we are to have a chance of addressing climate change.  Insert Cowspiracy pictorial image which links to their page of facts. The documentary Cowspiracy is available on Netflix.  Here are a sample of other resources on the devastating environmental impact of consuming animals:




United Nations News Centre - Greenhouse Gases


The Guardian


International Business Times


Chatham House


The Vegan Society


A Well Fed World

Some of these links are to news articles which summarise the underlying reports but also themselves link or cite the reports so that they can then be read in full. Some organisations that provide useful summaries of the available evidence on climate change and our consumption of animals may also link to animal welfare organisations. We do not support welfarism.

"Veganism is the most powerful tool we have for saving our planet, for ending world hunger, for improving our health when we eat health-conciously and for regaining our compassion. For becoming the people we believe ourselves to be: Good people."

Emily Moran Barwick (Bite Sized Vegan)

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